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Sponsor a team or a player

Scholarship Teams

Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors the Battle in the Big Apple will be forming 4 teams from the NY Area at no cost to players.

**Players will be broken down into Graduation Year Levels , the 2 teams will be  The Big Apples and Team Metro, they will each have two age groups 2016/2017 Teams and 2018/2019 Teams. We will offer spots to all high school boys who reside in NY State. Spots will be limited to 20 per team. The teams will be put into brackets in the tournament and Battle in the Big apple will supply the coaches for the tournament.

Team or Player Sponsorships

In the continued effort to help grow the game of lacrosse as well as help with kids who may not have the money to have the opportunity to play in this event and get exposure in front of college coaches, we have teamed up with a 501c3 Non Profit organization which helps kids who want to get into the game of lacrosse but cannot afford it.

If you would like to sponsor a team or a player participate in this event please call 917-399-6518 for details.

Team Sponsorship $1250

Player Sponsorship $125

**All proceeds will donated to the 501c3 company and used to put teams and players into the tournament.

Scholarship Team Registration

Battle in the Big Apple Scholarship Teams Lookup

To look up the details of a completed Battle in the Big Apple Scholarship Teams registration please type in all details exactly as they appear on the final registration.